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The THREE STORKS Hotel is situated at Prague Historic center and offers 4 nights for 3*. The earliest records from the 14th century mention it as a monastic brewery, which is easily affirmed by its spacious medieval cellar.

During the first half of 17th century The Three Storks underwent a major reconstruction after renaissance fashion. Its current classicist façade comes from a reconstruction carried out in 1794. The house sign of Three Storks against an embossment of the front of the house also originates in that year.

Hotel Three Storks - Prague 5 Star Hotel


Since 1915 until today, The Three Storks have had an old-fashioned Prague pub under its roof, named after the glorious Czech house of Valdstein. Among the many reputable personalities of the house ranged the illustrious military leader of Thirty Years’ War Albrecht of Valdstein (1583–1634).

Emperor Ferdinand II appointed him captain-general of his armies and even other members of the house held important royal and regional posts. In 1945, the House of Valdstein deserted their properties and have since been living abroad.

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Address: Hotel Three Storks, Tomasska 20/16 street, Prague 1
Location: Historic center
Check in: 14:00
Check out: 11:00
Parking Security parking 200m
Public transport: Tram 22

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