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Hostel Spartakiada are located in Prague 6 - Vokovice. There is a great choice of sport facilities around the area (football pitch, tennis, handball, golf) and thus the decision to name our hostel and apartments symbolically Spartakiad was at hand. The nearby lake Džbán is a popular swimming and sunbathing spot. In addition to sports facilities and the lake, there is another great advantage of having a beautiful nature reserve called Wild Šárka at the tip of your fingers. All in all, the very surroundings of Hostel Spartakiada are the place to support your healthy lifestyle.

We are offering 10 refurbished rooms, all fitted with a couple of bunk beds and with an extra sofa. Showers and toilets are shared outside the rooms, gents and ladies separated. Just like the entire building, the rooms in the Hostel Spartakiada are furnished in modern retro style. The accommodation is particularly suitable for families with children, students, backpackers and travelers. We can provide recreational stay with sports activities. Our guests have free Wi-Fi in all rooms, in a common room is coffee and tea for free all day long and one computer.

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The unique location alllows our guests either to actively use their spare time or just relax and have rest. After hours and days of sightseeing in the historical centre of Prague which is mere 30 minutes away, you can lay back and enjoy yourself by the lakefront. On the other hand, if you feel like doing something for your body, you can have a game of soccer, tennis or mini golf with your friends. Last but not least, you can make your tummy happy in the Restaurant Šárka, where you can try some of our specials or have a pint of well-chilled Pilsner Urquell on tap.

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Therefore, we believe that you'll love our restaurant. Our professionally trained staff will offer you a wide selection of drinks and specials. In the friendly atmosphere of our restaurant, a family dinner or evening with friends is always a joyful experience and business lunch can prove a nice one too. The team of Restaurant Šárka is proud of the food quality and each and every order is treated with special attention and care. These are the main ingredients that make us believe you will love this place and keep coming back.

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Address: Hostel Spartakiada, Nad Lávkou 790/5 street, Prague 6
Location: 20 min. to center
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Parking Own parking
Public transport: Tram nr. 20, 26, 36, or bus nr. 216 station Nadrazi Veleslavin

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