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Number of nights: 2
Number of days: 3
Number of persons: 2 Validity:
From 01.10.2017
To 30.11.2017
Hotel Fit Fun
for 2 persons:

1790 CZK
(approx. 71.6 EUR)

Package Fit Fun for a song:
+ Accommodation for 3 days / 2 nights with breakfast for 2 adults
+ Free 2 children up to 11.9 years old | + Free access to the swimming pool
+ Free 1 hour saunas for both
+ Free access to the fitness center for both
+ 33% discount on all massages
+ 33% discount on bowling
+ Free table tennis, children's corner | + Free WiFi access in the lobby bar and the reception
+ Free parking
+ Harrachov card (discount on lift and other services in Harrachov)
Standard room:
double room (two beds)
Max + 1 extra
Max + 1 cot or child without bed


Hotel Fit Fun Harrachov: The hotel Fit Fun is situated in the western part of the Giant Moutains (Krkonoše), in the Rýžoviště part of Harrachov. Rýžoviště is considered a gateway to the beautiful alpine countryside. It is near Ryzí potok and Čertova hora, right next to skiing slopes and lifts. Harrachov has become a perfect destination for an active holiday during which you can not only relax but also improve your physical condition. A wide variety of sports activities are on hand to satisfy both holidaymakers and active sports people. More about Hotel Fit Fun ...

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