HOTEL SKLAR HARRACHOV - Zlaté vánoční svátky

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Number of nights: 3
Number of days: 4
Number of persons: 2 Validity:
From 23.12.2017
To 26.12.2017
Hotel Sklar
for 2 persons:

10635 CZK
(approx. 425.4 EUR)

Package Zlaté vánoční svátky:


Hotel Sklar Harrachov: Hotel Orea Resort Sklář is located in a quiet place, at a forest edge, about 700 m above the sea level. Hotel lies within 5 minutes walking distance from the centre of Harrachov. We can offer you: the best accommodation in Harrachov, unique dining experiences, various relax and rehabilitation programmes, various wellness programmes and a large variety of sport activities. More about Hotel Sklar ...

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